Popab is a Swedish family-owned business that was founded in Stockholm at the end of the 1990s. We offer high-quality products within the field of canes, crutches and their accessories. Our own brand name is Ingrid, comprising products designed by us and manufactured in Sweden. Our line of goods also includes articles that we import from carefully chosen suppliers around the world.
Two of Popab’s most well-known products are Ingrid Caneholder and Ingrid Ferrules, both of which are popular accessories for canes and crutches. We also manufacture Ingrid Crutch, a completely new type of ergonomic crutch with unique features.
Popab’s main field is canes and crutches but alongside that line, we manufacture a smaller range of products called Ingrid Med, which comprises the articles Ingrid Med Tablet Tube and Ingrid Med Daily Dose. The series has been created to make it easy for people to handle and carry medicine and food supplements around with them.
Thanks to our cooperation with a large number of retailers all over the world, Popab’s products are available in over 25 countries. Most of our retailers have physical shops and many also offer internet shopping.